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Your design have no brakes!
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Almost every person dreams of trying her/his powers in design. Sometimes people have an amazing taste, but they are unable to express it in a daily life. This desire fills in your soul and you long to become a famous designer, no matter what sphere of life it is, for example, a furniture designer, apparel designer or so on.

You have already heard the proverb: “Tastes differ.” And we are going to support this century statement by creating a powerful design tool.

GoMage Product Designer is the superior extension for Magento which will help you to personalize the products using, cliparts, texts and uploading images.

Having a wide range of the features, this Magento designer software will help you to write your own style on T-shirts, caps, mugs, mobile phone skins and other things. There will not be a grey crowd anymore. Everybody can express own individuality and show his taste.

The date of a new release is coming and you have a good opportunity to be the first who will get to know about it by subscribing our page:

The subscribers will be surprised with our discounts as to this new release event!
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Les extensions moderne pour la Magento e-commerce plate-forme
Mots clés: Magento Design extension 
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